- Pramod Choudhary

Friends, we at Neelkanth Constructions owe our success to strong support and goodwill of 2000 happy families who entrusted their dreams of beautiful homes with us, and we believe that little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil.

Our hope lies in developing what is good and pure. Developing good homes with good surroundings is a product of our urge to enhance the human lifestyles. We are joined by thousands of people in this caravan mainly our valued customers, colleagues, well wishers and friends.

We have an array of many residential and commercial projects to suit your lifestyles. We invite you to take a tour of our beautiful homes.

Business in the new globalized economy is all about reaching out to the emerging markets and getting competitive in the existing markets with better understanding of new variables. This requires an integrated approach for both horizontal and vertical operational synergy across various segments. In this new environment, the demand for multi-faceted development has become crucial for keeping pace with the progression.

Neelkanth Constructions has taken an initiative and emerged as one of the prominent entities in the real estate industry in the country. The business philosophy of the group derives its core strength from a firm belief that lays stress on induction of state-of-the-art engineering techniques and use of top quality materials in various construction projects. This results in cost-effective and holistic solutions specific to contemporary standards for residential complexes and business centers. The group has forged linkages with leading global consulting architecture firms to introduce new design and construction concepts in India. We at Neelkanth Constructions are constantly striving to scale new heights in professional competencies and efficiencies by pushing performance and human potential to new limits. You may experience this facet not only in the decision-making process at our company, but also in a wide range of other activities which create value for our customers and business

Neelkanth Constructions has combined its core values and entrepreneurial zeal to transform from its humble origins into a well recognized and rapidly growing real estate company. Our progress has been based on strong ethical values, high standards of quality, environmental and regulatory compliances and above all strong management.

We have a judicious mix of youth and experience in our team along with a clear focus to nurture talent and promote innate potential of our employees. Every employee in the organization endorses the company's vision and is groomed to handle both internal and external business challenges.

Our company is poised to grow and exceed the expectations of everyone by acquiring and implementing best practices and technologies from both within and outside the country. The last couple of decades have thrown open new vistas of opportunity for real estate and infrastructure development. The scope to blossom and expand in this realm is unimaginable and we are employing our capabilities and expertise to the maximum to realize our dreams and that of our customers and stakeholders.